Friday, January 24, 2014

street style: tartan, granny chic, and bundled up Finns

It's time for another street style post.  And since it's winter in the northern hemisphere, I've seen many fantastic, inspiring outfits!

*Manchester, UK / The Mancorialist
*Helsinki / Hel-Looks 
Tartan!  I love how the gal in that first photo is echoing the fella's red plaid coat with her scarf.  They match without being grotesque.  I could not find a real source for the fellow in the center, but I think we can all agree that he is killing it.  I love a man in a duffel coat.  Or a pea coat.  The girl on the far right is adorable, and I would have definitely worn a version of this outfit (creepers, plaid shorts with tights) in the 1980s. 

*Paris / StyleSight
*London / StyleSight
*Paris / Street Style Aesthetic
70s chic, granny chic, Wednesday Addams chic.  I love it all.

*Helsinki / Hel-Looks
*Helsinki / Hel-Looks
*Helsinki / Hel-Looks
The ladies (and men!) of Helsinki seem to have the most fun of anyone in the world getting dressed--if the Hel-Looks site is anything to go by.  And they certainly know how to wear cold weather gear and look great doing it.

Got a favorite among all these looks?  I'm leaning toward granny chic in the yellow coat, but I've been dressing like the female half of the Mancorialist couple a lot this winter.



  1. Oh my gosh, now I must have Black Watch pants. I also want Wednesday Addams' cape.

  2. So many gorgeous layers! I can't wait for autumn and winter.

  3. The yellow coat, plaid shorts AND the cape, all at once!
    I'm always keen for Winter inspiration, as when it begins I get all flustered and haven't a clue!
    Thankfully we're still a few months off, not that we're having much of a Summer down here! X


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