Wednesday, July 3, 2013

shop preview

Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the United States, so I thought it was the perfect time to photograph the first dress below, which is quite a firecracker!  All items coming to the shop over the next week.

1950s scarlet tulle Atomic Fireball dress with feathered bodice.

1950s pale pink bow neck blouse, by Judy Bond.

1960s Lilly Pulitzer butterfly print dress.

1950s taffeta In the Clover print dress.

1960s blue striped seersucker blouse, by Majestic.

1970s Pucci-esque print  dress with puff sleeves and empire neckline.

1950s blue plaid shorts.

1950s two piece set--pink bombshell dress with pintucked top, decorated with rhinestones and floral lace applique.

1950s white tie waist blouse with pintucks and embroidery.

1940s dress by Johnnye Junior Sportswear.

1960s EKG explosion top, by Donnkenny.



  1. That top dress is all parts amazing. Also loving the Johnnye Junior Sportswear dress!

  2. That top dress is fabulous! I think the clover print dress is pretty too. :)


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