Friday, July 19, 2013

bags, eyewear, lovely hankies and colorful tea towels

A swell selection of handbags, eyeglasses, handkerchiefs, and colorful kitchen towels coming to the shop soon!  Here is a preview.

1960s modern art printed velvet bag.

1950s small black fabric handbag with attached coin purse.

1950s floral needlepoint purse.

1960s large black pebbled leather bag, by Roger Van S.

1950s 12 karat gold filled etched eyeglass frames.

1950s etched ice blue aluminum glasses.

1950s bejeweled semi-rimless aluminum frames, by Art Craft.

Irish linen blue handkerchief by Lady Heritage, art by Kit Ann, tag still attached.

Leaf print linen handkerchief, by Kimball, tags still attached.

Blue and green abstract print linen Monique handkerchief, by Kimball, tag still attached.

Tammis Keefe changing leaves print handkerchief.

1950s butterfly print linen tea towel, by Startex.

Set of two deadstock 1950s yellow striped Cannon kitchen towels, tag still attached.

1950s miniature souvenir Chimayo eagle blanket with tag still attached.



  1. Could that egg hankie be any cuter???

  2. That velvet and the tapestry bags are FABOO!

  3. oooh! those handkerchief's are crazy cute!


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