Thursday, August 30, 2012

summer wrap up

This article from the June 13, 1955 issue of Life magazine (you can see the article online here) is about wraps, shawls and bolero jackets that ward off the chill of summer air conditioning.  When I worked in an air conditioned office, I always had a cardigan with me; otherwise I would freeze to death at my desk.  I suppose the modern day equivalent of these might be the pashmina, but I really prefer the cover-ups shown here.  And they work just as great at helping transition your summer dresses into autumn wear!  The two modeled on the left side are made to fold up small enough to fit in your purse when not being worn.  And the best of all of them, I think, is the striped shawl on the right, which was made by Claire McCardell "to inspire do-it-yourselfers."

Here are a few lovely cropped jackets, sweaters, and boleros I discovered for sale on Etsy.

1940s reversible lace-trimmed bolero (the other side is solid black, but wouldn't you have a hard time not always wearing it on the cute folklore print side?) / DeseoVintage

PDF pattern for a 1950s knitted shrug / KinsieWoolShop

1960s Jonathan Logan shrug with rhinestone embellished flower appliques / LittleHavanaVintage

1950s cropped jacket with a big collar / Planetclairevintage

I really love this.  1960s Vera Neumann lemon print linen jacket / CustardHeartVintage

1930s white eyelet bolero / wildfellhallvintage

And a pair from my own shop:



  1. I always had to wear a cardigan in the office too. No matter how warm it was outside the air conditioning was always too cold!

    Great shrug selections and I think you're right. The stripey McCardell shrug is gorgeous.

  2. That knitted shrug pattern is really fantastic! It makes me wish knitting didn't bother an old injury so much. :-(

    I always take a big purse to a movie because I need a lightweight cardi and I need to smuggle in a bottle of water and maybe a snack or two. Yes, I am one of those people. In high school, my friend JB and I met a bunch of our friends at a movie. We'd made a huge bag of popcorn at my house beforehand and shoved it in my purse. Everyone else was extremely embarrassed of us, but we sat through the film happily munching on (nearly) free popcorn. Every gal should have at least one enormous bag just for the "necessities." :-)

    1. Lauren, you have totally inspired me for my next movie outing! :)

  3. hey thanks K for popping my little bolero in wit these other sweeties....I am really starting to love
    dress and bolero sets and next summer vow to actually own rather than sell one....


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