Friday, August 10, 2012

nautical 1940

Though the US hadn't entered the war in 1940, World War II had already begun.  The US Navy was already a formidable force, and the October 28, 1940 issue of Life magazine was entirely devoted to the subject of the US Navy.  This included a photo essay about nautical fashions; you can read the article at this link.  They were a bit more literal and detailed about nautical fashion in 1940 than we are now with our Breton stripes and middy collars, but no doubt for good reason, considering the context and history.

These hats by LilDaché are embroidered with famous naval quotes like "Don't give up the ship" and "I have not yet begun to fight."  

Love that sailor collar on the far left, and the adorable sweater in the center!

Belts, compacts, and buttons with naval mottos.

That sailor's knot purse is beyond cute.  Love the gloves, too.

Boat shoes with boat-themed socks and gloves!

These fabric prints are fantastic.  And the "Pearl Harbor Gray" color--sad and rather chilling, when you think of what occurred at Pearl Harbor a year later.



  1. wonderful finds, Karen. I love nautical themes. Very crisp & smart. You always have great posts. :-)


  2. What a fabulous look at 1940s nautical fashion! Thanks so much for sharing Karen. The collars are so great and I love that bag too. :)

  3. Cute stuff! I see the jewelry quite often, but who knew there were line and anchor stockings?

  4. The Navy is definitely the most fashionable armed service. I love a middy blouse!


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