Monday, July 2, 2012

with a bang! (shop preview)

Starting off July with a bang!  Here is a supersized shop preview for you (the first two items are already in the shop; the rest not far behind).

1950s Fleur de Chardon Noir embroidered tulle party dress, by Natlynn.

1950s spaniel novelty print full circle skirt.

1960s floral print barkcloth dress with bow at neck, by Reef Hawaii.

1960s antique floral and fruit print blouse, by Ship 'n Shore.

1950s white embroidered eyelet dress.

1950s bohemian sailor girl striped peasant skirt.

1980s red and white abstract floral print sundress.

1950s white cotton ruffle trim blouse.

1950s blush pink dress with rosebud lace ribbon bodice, by Jeanne d'Arc.

1950s apple and rick rick full skirt.

1960s yellow linen dress, by Patty Petite.

1960s soutache ribbon sleeveless top.

1940s blue plaid pinafore dress.

Mod 1960s street signs dress.



  1. what yummy summer goodies...the spaniel skirt...killer piece!

  2. Oh my! That spaniel skirt will surely not last 10 minutes in your shop. So fantastic!
    You've probably guessed I'll have my eye out for the white and black embroidered eyelet dress and the 40s pinafore is pretty fab too.

  3. That spanielskirt is mine! Can't wait to get it! :D


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