Tuesday, July 24, 2012

street style: the UK wins the gold

Here's a little round-up of street style that has caught my eye so far this summer.  You'll notice a trend--my favorites tend to come from the UK.  The styles showcased on blogs like the Sartorialist and those that cover Milan and Paris (and the fashion show-goers there) tend to be too polished for me.  Hel-Looks is always fun and refreshing to look at, but sometimes a bit too wacky and hipster-ironic for my tastes.  But ladies and gents in London seem to hit it just right!  I'm generalizing, but the Brits really know how to combine classic style with a touch of eccentricity.  And they seem to like their vintage!  (If anyone knows of any great street style blogs from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, etc., please let me know.)

London street style via The Style Scout / Milan via Street Peeper /  London via The Style Scout
I love the sweet, simple nautical-ish style on the first girl, that red lace skirt is amazing, and so is the print on the dress on the far right!

Helsinki street style via Hel-Looks / London via The Style Scout
A couple cool coats.  The printed/painted (?) velvet one on the right is my favorite.  I know it's been very rainy and cool in London, but that photo on the right was supposedly taken in July.  I so obviously live in the wrong country.

London via Street Style Aesthetic / Glasgow via Advanced Style / London via Street Style Aesthetic
Wonderful menswear--on gents and a lady!  I love all of these looks, but  particularly the sharp-dressed fella on the far right.  His socks!



  1. Such fun choices. I can't wait to live somewhere where a coat would be appreciated in July! Someday... I'm so over this 100-degree weather.

  2. love these looks. my favorite may be the most "plain" one.. the first one. it's the most effortless and cute one to me. can't wait for fall to try to mimic that when I go vintage hunting!

  3. Great selections (as always!) K. I really do love that red lace skirt.

  4. These are great! I think my fave is at the bottom left: a well fit 40's jacket (yum!)


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