Tuesday, June 12, 2012

summer means color

...or so they tell me.  I usually still wear a lot of black, gray, and navy blue in summer.  But I do like to try and break out some lighter and brighter colors when the weather warms up.  This shop preview has all kinds of color, in the form of icy blue, citrusy orange, lemony yellow, bright ruby red, and turquoise blue.  There are also some fabulous vertical stripes, and the coolest NYC-theme novelty print blouse.  Here's what's coming soon!

1950s tangelo linen dress, by David Crystal.

1950s ice blue polka dot raincoat, by Birnbaum.

Mod linen modern art shift dress, by Norman Wiatt.

1950s white lace-trimmed threaded cotton blouse.

Bohemian folklore print cotton dress.

1950s brown gingham full skirt.

1960s crepe lavender floral dress with ruffled collar, by Rawson Square.

1960s red cotton polka dot jacket, by Junior House.

1950s gray and yellow vertical stripes cotton dress with belt.

Fabulous 1970s I Left My Heart in NYC novelty print blouse, by John Meyer.

1960s sunny floral printed chiffon dress.

Raspberry red tankini swimsuit, by DeWeese Design.

1940s turquoise blue linen suit, by Lauri Joan Fashion.

1960s striped velour beach jacket.


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  1. I need to wear more colour too Karen but some how never seem to. Your shop is constant inspiration though as you always have the best prints!


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