Thursday, June 14, 2012


...are what May flowers bring.  Ha.  May inspiration brings a black-and-white versus color showdown!  Which do you prefer?  I kinda love both.

1. London at Night, a Sketch Book by Frederick Carter, 1914 / The Victorianist
2. branches and buds from a 1925 book on the trees of Ontario / sandmarg
3. ca 1920s photo of singing group The Boswell Sisters / Back to the Five & Dime
4. According to the Tumblr I first saw this photo on, this is a "Nina Leen, 1952" photo.  A Google image search didn't provided much more info, but this blog claims the model is wearing replicas of ancient Sumerian jewelry offered for sale by New York's "Metropolitan Museum" (of Art?).  Seems plausible.  I'd love to know more about this photo/photo shoot.  And send me the jewelry, too.
5. 1938 photo of English actress Gertrude Lawrence powdering her pup's nose, by Peter Stackpole / dovima_is_devine_II
6. Bill Brandt, The Adelphi, September 1939 / Facie Populi

1. vintage floral wallpaper in Elisabeth Dunker's Swedish home / Design Sponge
2. Russian Fairy Tales, illustrated by Henry R. Martin / skinny laminx
3. great look from Rabia Lockwood's Ginny & Jude collection / Honey Kennedy
4. Camera Obscura--obsessed with their songs and style / Under the Radar
5. detail of an embroidered linen tablecloth by Ann Macbeth, ca 1900 / V&A
6. Elsa Schiaparelli brooch, ca 1938 / 1stdibs



  1. that wallpapered room is gorgeous!

  2. I love black and white but that Schiaparelli… I want it! :D

  3. Another thing we have in common - I ADORE Camera Obscura.


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