Monday, June 4, 2012

shop preview

1960s fashion, with its bold prints and bright colors, is pretty much ideal for summertime.  Here's a mostly-60s shop preview with a nice range of prints: stripes, flowers, checks, and even a little psychedelia!

1960s turf and clover striped Irish linen dress, by Country Miss.

1970s gold sparkle chevron stripe cardigan.

1960s watercolor print wiggle dress, by Tori Richard for Liberty House.

1950s pink gingham cotton blouse, by Jantzen.

1960s patchwork print romper dress with big pockets.

1960s blue gingham cotton skirt with belt, by Seaton Hall.

1950s saffron sundress with rhinestone flowers and cropped jacket.

1950s white linen blouse with embroidered rick rack-like trim, by Erwin Blouse.

1960s India flower print cotton dress with lace doily collar, by Alice of California.

Mod 1960s orange cotton tunic with big pocket and diagonal zipper, by Arnelle of California.

1960s floral cotton shirtwaist dress with belt.

1960s rococo psychedelia print sheath dress with fringed belt, by Toni Todd.


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  1. I can't stop looking at the patchwork romper. Love it and love 60s prints!


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