Wednesday, October 13, 2010

menswear + outerwear

But before we get to that, here's some Ladywear that is meant to be Underwear! Andy hung these crinolines out to air and I love that he put the Halloween colors together.

And now...a preview of a few menswear and outerwear items that will be in the shop shortly!

1950s three-piece atomic fleck suit, by Merit.

1950s tan gabardine western styled shirt jacket, by MacMurray.

Fighting stags sweater.

1950s atomic fleck sport coat, by Berkray.

1950s green wool plaid Pendleton coat.

Black velvet cape with beaded pockets and attached scarf, by Ruth Jones.

Blue velvet funnel neck coat, by Carol Brent.



  1. That three piece suit is lovely! Wish I would come across a suit skinny enough for my man.

  2. so much prettiness! does it get better than a beaded velvet cape?

  3. he looks way cool in that stag sweater, i'd make him keep it!

  4. That deer sweater is too husband NEEDS that.

  5. Holy Moly lady... what a grand showing this is! That mens suit is insane cool. And the blue velvet coat is melting my mind. In a good way.

    Taking Rudy to the vet this afternoon. He is sick. Have Lucy cross her paws for him that it's nothin' major.

  6. Love the stag sweater! And the velvet cape is gorgeous!

  7. Another fan of the fighting stag sweater here!


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