Friday, October 8, 2010

i'm with edith wharton

"EVERY year on the fifteenth of October Fifth Avenue opened its shutters, unrolled its carpets and hung up its triple layer of window-curtains.

By the first of November this household ritual was over, and society had begun to look about and take stock of itself. By the fifteenth the season was in full blast, Opera and theatres were putting forth their new attractions, dinner-engagements were accumulating, and dates for dances being fixed."

For many people October and autumn are a time of wisftulness. It's the ending of summer, the beginning of the death of the year. I, however, think of October of the beginning of good times: crisp air, a heightening of energy, a desire to get out and about and do things, rather like the above quote from the opening of Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence.

Here's a preview of new vintage coming to the shop. Perhaps there are some items here to help jump-start your autumnal social whirl!

Adorable mulberry embroidered bodice dress.

Lemon yellow sweater with off-center buttons.

1960s floral fireworks dress.

Mid century primitive figures print blouse.

1950s ecru raw silk dress with belt.

1950s flannel You Ain't Nothin' but a Hound Dog skirt.

1970s black calico tie-waist dress.

1950s nylon plissé blouse with pierrot collar and peplum waist.

Sunflower print dress.

Fawn cardigan with embroidered flowers.

1960s mod daisy shift dress.

Striped wool full skirt with button front, by Chelsea New York.

Blue floral wiggle dress, by Hayette New York.

Palest lavender bib front blouse, by Ellen Tracy.

1960s floral print shift with ascot neck.

Cherry red nubby fabric blouse, by Minnesota Woolens.

1960s plaid schoolgirl shirtwaist dress, by Lanz.

Gorgeous 1940s deep brown wool plaid skirt with buttons on the pockets and inverted front pleat.

Tiki print sheath dress, by Sue Gail.

Sapphire paisley blouse, by Shapely Classic.

Red lace and chiffon party dress, by Kerrybrooke.



  1. Oh my goodness, that hound dog skirt is awesome! You find the cutest things!

  2. I was just walking down fifth avenue this morning and the air was certainly crisp!

  3. well, that sounds like fun!
    my fall social calendar is getting a huge jump start!

  4. love the 1940s plaid skirt, but didn't you just about fall over when you found the hound dog skirt?!


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