Monday, October 11, 2010

a little more from the D

Just a few more snapshots from our little holiday in Detroit.

No trip to the D is complete without German food and song at the Dakota Inn.

Andy and I spent a day thrifting. For me, it was kind of a dud. He found some good guy stuff, but things were a bit bleak on the lady side. However, I was very excited to find this cool old children's book...

...which had this hilariously sad bunny in it. "I can not get out!" Oh my.

Also, we got to have delicious crepes, coffee and chocolate cake at this place (which I know of thanks to Lauren. Thank you, Lauren!).

We got to take Lucy for a beautiful walk at Kensington Park. Lucy was a bit freaked out by the sand hill cranes hanging out in the parking lot like mean teenagers.

Oops. No dogs allowed. Even cute Lucy-like lowriders in bowlers and sweaters. (No worries--we did not take Lucy on the nature trails. We care about wildlife, too!)

The birthday girl did not get loaded, but did have a good time. Some stranger bought her a shot of Makers Mark. Happy birthday, Lady Stephani!



  1. That bunny just made me laugh out loud! Great pictures....those hill cranes do look kind of sassy.

  2. I'm always so happy to read about D-City! and drinking and eating...and thrifting.
    You've given me a view of D I'd not have otherwise.
    ..and me neither, I can not get out!

  3. Uggg.. Big birds like that just freak me out!

    Love the No Pets sign. It's almost like they are saying, "You might dress the dog like a human, but WE can tell the difference!"


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