Monday, February 22, 2010

warm fuzzies

We had an amazing weekend in Detroit with friends (in which I also got to meet the lovely Lauren of Dear Golden Vintage), but have come home exhausted and having to host a sort of last-minute family party at our house tonight.

However, I was so excited to come home to one of the very coolest, heartwarming-est things for a seller of vintage--photos of a happy customer wearing a purchase! In this case, it's the beautiful
Alex Keller wearing the Vera Neumann chrysanthemums blouse she got from Small Earth. (Click the photo to go to Alex's blog and see more photos.)

How lovely is she? And she wears the blouse in such a great, modern way--my favorite way to see vintage worn! I love that cool old movie camera she's holding.

Alex sells beautiful jewelry
on Etsy, where she also has a marvelous vintage shop! Thank you, Alex, for posting these great photos of you and your Vera.

More on our fantastic weekend in the D to come.



  1. annnnnnd, it was great to meet you, i look forward to our next *longer* rendezvous!

  2. you're so sweet to call me beautiful - but i cannot wait to hear about you meeting Lauren!!!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love Etsy meet-ups :)


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