Tuesday, February 16, 2010

four hours later

This shop preview is kind of a huge one (four hours of photography!), but it's good, I promise! I know it's nowhere near spring-like most places (across the US, anyway) right now, so I've tried to mix it up a little with a few sweaters thrown into a mix of perfectly spring-worthy blouses and dresses.

Fifties farmgirl brown gingham ruched bodice dress.

Mustard and gray daisy cardigan.

1960s mod buttercup knit dress.

Forest green scarf-neck sweater (oh how I love this, but there's an even cuter one coming up--keep scrolling!).

Blue chambray pintucks shirtwaist dress.

Jungle green blouse.

Corduroy leopard print top.

1950s spring green daisies crepe dress with bow belt.

Lacy 1960s tunic.

Sailor style glen plaid dress with scarf tie at neck.

1950s orange flower pintucks blouse.

1940s tan gabardine branch print day dress.

Adorable jade green and white bows sweater.

Ruffled babydoll-ish maxi-dress.

1950s blue vine print zip-back blouse by Campus Casuals.

1950s architecture print shirtwaist dress by Susan Ross.

Ecru pintuck and floppy bow blouse.

Bohemian 1960s Kerala embroidered ribbon-trim shift by Bill Atkinson.

1960s flower print blouse by Cos Cob.

1950s Bobbie Brooks blue gingham wiggle dress.

1960s daystar twinkly shell.

1950s silky coat-of-arms print blouson top dress.

1950s batik print wiggle dress by Sue Brett.

1950s dragonflies, crickets, ladybugs and bees print shirtwaist dress.

1960s modern print silk dress by B.H. Wragge.

Grass green paisley pintuck bodice dress.

1960s paisley drop waist dress.

1950s blue willow dress with drapey neckline.



  1. Just fabulous finds! I have got to check your store!!

  2. once again a flurry of great cotton dresses! hurrah!

  3. Amazing finds! Loving the Sue Brett dress and the blue willow dress.

  4. I'm in love with the Buttercup dress (and everything else!).

  5. Whatever!!!! You have the market cornered sister! This is my favorite batch of stuff ever!

  6. I just spent a small fortune at your shop last week. Lead me not into temptation!

  7. ohh, such eye candy for the vintage lover. Thanks Karen. xo

  8. If you're willing to spill, I'm curious as to where shop in grand rapids for such finds! (i'm in mt pleasant and want to make a trip- just to shop)

  9. You never seize to amaze me Small Earth Vintage! I just love to look at your finds. Hopefully, I will get my hands on some cool looking threads soon before you get to all of them first!

  10. OMG that lacey white 60's tunic is TO DIE FOR. so are all of the 50's sundresses.

    btw I would LOVE it if you checked out my new blog!


  11. Yowzer!!! Karen....you always want to make me spend mass amounts of money! I think I can justify a few spring purchases in the upcoming weeks though!!


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