Sunday, February 7, 2010

art school

We're going back to school for art history in this week's shop preview--there's Fauvism, Impressionism, art deco--maybe even a little pop art. And to get you in the mood for spring, lots and lots of flowers!

1960s plaid and ruffles schoolgirl dress.

Flower print Catalina jacquard cardigan.

Brown flower Fauvist dress.

Strawberries sweater.

1960s red herringbone tweed dress by Lanz.

1960s taffeta paisley button-back blouse.

Mint green 1950s dress.

Pink carnation print blouse by Shapely Classic.

Black-and-white houndstooth print drop-waist dress by Ilene Ricky.

Pouf shoulder sweater.

1950s sky blue and rusty red plaid dress by Heritage.

Vera Neumann snapdragons blouse.

Drop waist red and olive paisley print dress.

Orange and gray flower print blouse by The Villager.

Silky 1950s khaki paisley print dress.

Red and blue print shirtwaist dress by Chuck Howard.

Gold and silver art deco print dress.

1960s mod aqua dress by Bill Atkinson Glen of Michigan.

Paisley headmistress dress.

Glen plaid coat dress.

1950s Monet's Water Lilies dress by Jonathan Logan.



  1. Love the school girl dress & the plaid dress! I'm sooo ready for spring!

  2. Check my pulse... I think I just died. There are about 5 things there I would sell my front teeth for. LOVE the brown Fauvist, the Vera is FABULOUS! That green jaquard cardi?! The Chuck Howard?!!! OUCH! You really should only post two or three of these at a time lady. It's just too much.

    On a more personal note... when we came home from our snowy night time walk last night we realized Rudy was trying to smuggle a dirty old Slim Jim wrapper inside the house. At first I thought he had a leaf or something caught in his beard and when I went to brush it away I discovered what it really was. Gross! But super funny.

  3. WOW!!!!!!! These are beyond amazing! The Fauvist dress.. unbelievably adorable. Really they are all fantastic!

  4. GGS--Thank you! I'm not sure if I'm ready for spring or not, but the shop is. I have racks of summery dresses begging me to photograph them.

    Bethany--And thank *you*! Oh, Rudy! Lucy had a little feast while we were out on Saturday night. I'll tell you all about it--I owe you a convo. :)

  5. Thank you TC&TC! I love that Fauvist number, too.

  6. That last dress is just perfection! Somehow you can pinpoint what era Jonathan Logan's dresses come from, but they never look dated. Love.

  7. brown flower dress, FTW! (ps: are you still listing new stuff from that one huge clotheshorse estate?!)

  8. G--yes, I am! In fact, everything here except the mint green 1950s dress is from her. And we still have stacks and stacks of it. I'm really looking forward to spring/summer if only because I've been sitting on so many summer dresses from her.

    Have I mentioned she is still alive, and, apparently, still quite the shopper?


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