Thursday, December 17, 2015

shop preview: 1950s Pendleton, a fireside sweater, copper beadwork, and a 1930s dream

I'm having a most hellacious time getting shop photos taken right now with the lack of natural light, which is why my shop previews keep getting more and more delayed every week.  Nonetheless, I did manage to get some great things shot, including a 1950s Pendleton dress, an incredible 1930s printed crepe dress and jacket, a 1940s copper beaded lace dress, and more.

The first and third dresses are already in the shop, the second item sold immediately (well, look at it!), and the rest will be arriving in the shop shortly!

1950s olive and blue plaid Pendleton dress (in the shop).

1950s blue rose bouquet print full skirt (sold!).

1940s copper beaded lace dress (in the shop).

Vintage hand knit Yule log sweater.

1940s pine cone pattern satin gown.

1950s Pendleton Turnabout reversible plaid skirt.

1960s black crepe dress with removable, tasseled collar, by Jean of California.

1960s red plaid A line skirt.

1930s abstract floral crepe dress and jacket set.

1950s red wool flannel "circle" skirt, by Bobbie Brooks.

1960s olive green velvet dress with bows on the back.

1960s plaid culottes, from Bobbie Brooks.


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