Tuesday, December 1, 2015

shop accessories preview: gold shoes, animal belts, Pendleton scarves, and a devilish hat

Vintage shoes, bags, hats, Pendleton scarves, and fun belts are all coming to the shop (the first pair of shoes is already there) this week . . . some of these could make great holiday gifts!

1960s Dryad Leaf sandals (now in the shop!).

1950s gold bow heels.

1960s black pilgrim pumps.

1940s white pumps.

1970s magazine clutch.

1950s black deerskin clutch/wallet.

1970s magazine clutch.

1960s white box purse with jeweled clasp.

Devilish 1940s studded red felt sculptural hat, by Glenover.

1950s tartan beret.

Mod 1960s black and white hat.

1970s fish buckle and belt.

1980s blingy leopard in chains belt, by Carolyn Tanner.

1960s Kilgore tartan Pendleton scarf.

1960s Fraser Hunting tartan Pendleton scarf.


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