Thursday, November 13, 2014

shop preview: black velvet, rhinestones, fur collars, and wool pants

The polar vortex has already made an appearance here, and today's timely shop update is ready to help with warm coats, wool pants, and knit dresses.  Oh, and some perfect party dresses for the holiday season (or any festive occasion)!

The first dress is already in the shop; the rest will begin appearing today.

1950s black velvet party dress with lace and sequin trim (in the shop!).

1940s Night Bloom floral embroidered black dress with rhinestones, by Martha Manning.

1960s purple wool tweed coat with yarn ruffle trim, by Rothmoor.

1960s wool blend knit dress with scarf collar, by Berkshire.

1950s moss green plaid wool cigarette pants.

1960s mosaic pattern knit dress.

1970s ski vest, by Salaminder.

1950s black silk bubble skirt dress, by Suzy Perette.

1910s sheer blush pink embroidered blouse.

1950s blue lace and satin nautical cocktail dress.

1960s raspberry wool bouclé coat with fur collar and belted waist.

1960s folklore print wool or wool blend dress, from the Ruth Chagnon dress shop.

1960s wool cigarette pants, by Mr. Thomson.


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