Wednesday, November 19, 2014

shop accessories update: furry boots, a 1940s bag, and a poodle scarf

Here's a peek at the next collection of accessories coming to the shop, including:  furry après-ski boots, tapestry heels and a tapestry bag, belt buckles, and a poodle scarf!  All items will be arriving in the shop soon.

Brown leather made in USA Bass oxfords.

1970s goat fur après-ski boots.

Brown leather made in USA Eastland penny loafers.

1960s floral tapestry heels, by Valley.

1940s floral tapestry knitting bag/purse with wooden handle.

Fair isle knit beret.

Cactus flower tooled leather belt buckle.

1983 Boy Scouts Order of the Arrow brass belt buckle.

1950s novelty fringed poodle scarf with rhinestones.


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