Thursday, April 17, 2014

shop preview: a folk dance-ready dirndl, polka dots, flowers, and better photos!

This shop preview represents not just a pretty collection of clothing (really, there's some super stuff here--that dirndl!), but a change in the way things are done here at Small Earth Vintage.  Likely, you won't even notice the change, which is just as well.  For years I've been photographing in our basement, using studio lights.  This has been convenient with plenty of space for taking pictures and an independence from Michigan's fickle sunshine.  (This was a vast improvement from where I started out taking photos--on our deck, in all weather.)  Shooting in the basement often worked just fine, but the photos frequently had an annoying blue cast.  I spent a lot of time editing the photos later to get the colors correct. 

I finally got tired enough of the situation to do something about it.  We get lots of natural light in our living room, even on days that aren't sunny, and there's plenty of space there to shoot clothing photos.  So I set up a backdrop in our living room, hauled up my mannequin and dress form, and the  results are below.  Even though the day was not as sunny as promised, I am pleased with the results.  The photos turned out really nicely, with true colors, and barely any post-photography tweaking needed.

After the preview there's a little collage showing the evolution of my photography for SEV since 2008.  Hopefully, things are much improved! 

All these pretties are arriving in the shop starting today.

1940s Lanz embroidered FOLKLORETANZ dirndl.

1950s polka dot sleeveless blouse.

1940s embroidered lilac linen dress with lacy bustle (!), a Barbara Field Original.

1950s tulip heads print polished cotton blouse.

1950s floral print voile dress.

1960s red polka dot pleated skirt, by Majestic.

1950s pink peonies print party dress, by Semiteen.

1960s silver wicker pattern top, by Betty Lane, deadstock with tags.

1950s Sudden Squall watercolor print dress, by Mardene.

1950s Arts & Crafts floral print blouse with Peter Pan collar.

Small Earth Vintage photos, through the years.


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  1. Wow! Your photos have come a very long way. And that is a superb Lanz.


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