Thursday, April 10, 2014

shop accessories preview: cowgirl boots, 1940s oxfords, and 1950s eyewear

Red cowgirl boots, 1950s eyeglasses, a tooled leather bag with a horse on it, and more fabulous accessories are coming to the shop, starting today!

Red leather Tony Lama cowgirl boots.

Deadstock 1970s brown leather Dr. Hiss brogues...two more pairs of these in women's size 6 1/2 and 7 coming to the shop.

Deadstock kiltie fringe stack heel loafers by Johansen.

Deadstock 1940s white perforated leather oxford heels by Dr. Hiss, with box.

1950s etched aluminum eyeglass frames by Tura.

Large tooled leather bag with a floral and horse motif.

1950s mauve and burgundy atomic print clip-on bow tie.

1950s green plaid bow tie with shiny Lurex thread by Ormond.

1960s paisley print silk chiffon Vera Neumann scarf.



  1. Those white oxfords are AMAZING! Please say theyre a 6.5!

  2. Gorgeous!Love these pictures!! Amazing post.I love vintage,love all of them..Great blog.


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