Thursday, March 13, 2014

shop preview: paisley voile, floral print cotton and corduroy, and patchwork madras plaid

This shop preview looks ready for spring!  All items arriving in the shop starting today. 

1950s green paisley print dress with satin piping by L'Aiglon.

1960s printed corduroy and purple nylon reversible White Stag jacket.

1950s mustard and pink woven floral ribbons dress, by Lady Alice.

1950s floral print cotton blouse by Miss Fashionality.

1960s lime green and turquoise circle print ruffle dress.

1980s raspberry pink prep stripe cotton cardigan by Lily's of Beverly Hills.

1960s Stone Fruit print voile dress with bow belt.

1960s blue neo-toile print sleeveless blouse.

1950s blue and green tie dye print dress with pintucks and button detail at front bodice, by Kay Whitney.

1960s reversible hooded madras plaid patchwork/blue chambray jacket.



  1. I love your new print term: neo-toile!

    1. Ha! Thanks, Lizzie. I always have a difficult time remember the term "toile" for some reason. When it finally popped into my head, I looked it up and realized this wasn't really like a classic toile. But having expended so much brain energy remembering the term "toile," I felt I *had* to use it somehow. :D


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