Monday, March 10, 2014

i spy: luxurious train travel, a fern print dress, a Berlin chanteuse, and dogs!

What's inspiring me lately?  Springy green fern prints, dreams of luxurious train travel, a Berlin cabaret performer...and dogs.

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clockwise, l-r:
*wool skirt suit by Victor Stiebel, autumn 1942 / V&A Museum
*bar car on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express / Poppytalk
*German cabaret performer, Katie Kühl, 1933 / Cabaret Berlin
*model in a fern-shadowed dress by Herbert Sondheim, photo by Herbert Matter, 1948 / Pleasure Photo
*autumn in Bucharest by yony_ro / yony_ro on Flickr

clockwise, l-r:
*Nora, a terrier mix / The Dogist
*Vienna, a dachshund at the NY Pet Fashion Show / The Dogist
*photo of a girl and her dog, early 1860s / KaufmaNelson Vintage Photographs
*a World War I German mascot dog with his own jacket, hat and Iron Cross Second Class.  Oh, and pipe. / Wooway1 on Flickr



  1. Oh how I adore that fern dress and all those little pooches too!

  2. I WANT Nora, and a trip on the Orient Express, circa 1935,


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