Tuesday, February 4, 2014

shop accessories preview: Herpolsheimer's, Hudson's and Hoekstra

I have spent the morning researching the items in this shop accessories preview before I posted it, and I have to admit, it made me feel a little depressed.  These items nearly all came from Michigan stores--mom and pop shoe stores, high end department stores and boutiques, old timey dry goods stores--that are no longer in existence.  How I wish I could still walk into Hoekstra's shoe store or Herpolsheimer's to shop!  Forget Target and WalMart.  (Seriously.  Forget them.)

The items in this preview came from the following Michigan stores, none of which are around any more:  Hoekstra Shoes, J.L. Hudson Company, Manistee Slippers, Herpolsheimer's, Charles Trankla and Co.

They will begin appearing in the shop today.

Deadstock 1970s caramel brown leather brogues, by Dr. Hiss (I'll be listing these in size 7 1/2 and 6 1/2).

1950s suede shearling lined slippers, Eskimo Woolies by Manistee Slippers.

Deadstock 1960s black patent bow pumps, by Dr. Hiss.

1950s men's black leather Wall Streeter oxfords.

1920s brown satin beaded shoes.

Deadstock 1950s black pinwale cord Flirt slippers with bows, by Daniel Green.

1940s black oxford heels, Cantilever Ground Gripper Shoes.

1960s brown calf leather pilgrim pumps, by Selby.

Deadstock 1950s red and black lace slippers, by Wellco Foamtread.

1920s cocoa brown satin cloche, with a great old label from Herpolsheimer Co. department store in Grand Rapids.

1950s white Corde Bead purse.

1950s brown cotton gloves with little shell buttons, made in Western Germany for J.L. Hudson Company.

1970s round pewter sailing belt buckle, by Indiana Metal Craft.

1970s round brass Art Nouveau flower girl belt buckle.



  1. there are some seriously cute items here! I always get excited/depressed when I find vintage from old Buffalo stores, too.

  2. That is sad about all those long-forgotten stores. I loved seeing the Wellco slippers. They were made in a factory about 10 miles from where I live.


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