Friday, February 7, 2014

frozen road trip

When you work for yourself, you tend to work seven days a week, and way more than the standard eight hours a day.  But you can set your own hours.  And if you feel like taking off for a day to hit a bunch of thrift stores (yes, work...but the fun part) and look at frozen Lake Michigan, you can do that.

The temperature was somewhere in the teens yesterday.  It was cold, but not too uncomfortable.  However, the winds near the lake made it arctic.  There was no question of actually venturing out on a stroll on the frozen lake. 

So we got back in the warm truck and headed back down the road.  Where we found a little tavern that served good beer.

And then we saw the most amazing sunset on the lake.  The frozen snow made this photo look like it was taken from an airplane flying between cloud banks.  But it's just the beauty of a frozen Lake Michigan.

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