Wednesday, November 13, 2013

shop preview

Whether you're in the southern hemisphere and looking for a light, pretty dress, or you're in the northern hemisphere and looking for cozy knits and wools, this shop preview has something for you!  All items coming to the shop shortly.

1930s Winter Bud print dress.

1940s-1950s avocado and mustard plaid wool coat, by Youthmore Original (there's a matching skirt, too--see below!).

1940s pinstripe wool knit dress with arrow stitching, by Ivan Frederics of California.

1960s acid yellow mohair/wool cardigan with beads and sequins.

1940s black velvet button front dress with puff sleeves.

1940s-1950s avocado and mustard wool plaid skirt, by Youthmore Originals.

1970s heather knit sweater dress.

1960s black beaded angora/wool cardigan with sequins.

1940s rust red and sky blue plaid dress.

Suede and faux fur Zhivago cape.

1950s black dress with pockets and beaded flowers.

1960s blue and white wool sweater with braiding, by Joyce Sportswear.



  1. The black velvet dress is like a dream! I love it!


  2. Ooo, I swoon for that cardigan! X

  3. Loving the plaid dress and last sweater.

  4. Cute Joyce sweater. Gosh, but I love that combination of blue and green!


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