Tuesday, November 19, 2013

i spy: Romanian folk costume, plywood dresses, tweedy coats and perfumes

I missed a month of I Spy, since I was gone for much of October, but it's back now, with lots of beautiful things:  vivid autumnal Gruau artwork, haunting found photos, Romanian folk clothing on a postcard, and incredible trompe l'oeil dresses made of plywood!  But my favorite thing here might be that Franz Marc painting of Russi.  We saw a lot of Marc's work at the Lenbachhaus and the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, and I particularly loved his animal paintings.  Yes, dogs have been on my mind a lot lately.  (When I went to type the title of this post, my fingers tapped out "i spay" initially.  No joke.)  Hopefully there will be a new canine addition to our little family soon.

Speaking of Franz Marc and Munich, have you all been following the story of 1400 pieces of art looted by the Nazis that have been discovered in a Munich apartment?  It's incredible.

clockwise starting from upper left:
*vintage Romanian postcard / source
*Dresden, 1938 found photograph / signs and wonders on Flickr
*Evening by William Brymner, 1907 / Wikimedia Commons
*Wallflower by Ron Isaacs / Tory Folliard Gallery
*"Russi" Lying by Franz Marc, 1910-1911 / The Athenaeum

*Vogue, August 15, 1935 / source
*René Gruau Crescendo ad, 1963 / via
*Tweed fragrance ad, December 1964 Seventeen magazine / source
*Sonia Delaunay fabric and coat / via
*Cattedrale by Piero Pizzi Cannella, 1955 / via

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  1. How fabulous is that Sonia Delaunay coat?!


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