Tuesday, February 5, 2013

shop preview

1920s silk, 1950s wool plaid, 1940s white eyelet, 1960s polka dots...this preview has it all!  All items coming to the shop this week.

1940s white eyelet lace dress.

1970s yellow and black plaid scarf collar blouse, by Act III.

Mod 1960s chocolate polka dot dress, by Emilio Borghese Roma.

1940s pale blue blouse with pintucked collar and cuffs, by Darlynn.

1920s navy blue silk block print dress.

1960s sherbet tweed skirt with front pouch pockets, by Sportempos.

1960s brown and green plaid blouse, by Lady Manhattan.

1960s sepia bouquet print cotton and rayon blend dress.

Deadstock 1970s lilac sweater with lacy layered pierrot collar.

1960s mid century modern abstract school of fish print maxi dress, by Leslie Fay.

1950s red plaid wool pleated skirt, by Bobbie Brooks.

1950s folklore floal print oxford blouse, by Ship 'n Shore.



  1. Such amazing blouses in this update! That 40s blue one is absolutely perfect.

  2. Lovely! I particularly like the lilac sweater with its ruffly collar. :)

  3. Once again, loving your updates! Am going to check out that sherbet tweed skirt!

  4. i love the summery feel that's starting :)


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