Saturday, December 4, 2010


Lucy and I are relegated to the bedroom and other parts of the house today while Andy uses some kind of toxic stuff to get the gunk off the living room floor in preparation for painting it. The bedroom is completely painted, and completely undecorated right now, a minimalist look that I'm rather enjoying for the moment.

My mirrored perfume shelf is up, but empty for now. This old deco utility lamp was used in the office previously, but I think I like it up here now (especially since we've removed the Brady Bunch-era hanging lights).

This accordion rack is something I tried and failed to sell on Etsy. Now I'm glad I still have it. It's perfect for jewelry.

Antique marble-top furniture, passed down from my grandparents.

I've had this sweet little rag rug since I was a child. My grandmother made it. I wish I had a bushel of these for all the rooms of the house, now that all the carpet is gone!

Naturally, I've been doing a little Etsy window-shopping, which means the minimalist look won't last long. I put this treasury of items together that pretty much perfectly sums up what I need. Click the image to be taken directly to the treasury and links to all the fab items in it!

I also found these cool silver pine cone bookends while searching, from seller SweetLoveVintage (already in my treasury with the pine cone metal tray). They would make a GREAT (hint, hint) Christmas gift for me. Ahem!

And the tearing-up of the carpet has made me area rug-obsessed. There are so many amazing choices on Etsy, I think I will leave it for a separate post. However, I have to show you this cool example from my friend Pegg's shop, fiveforty. Her shop is closed at the moment, so I stole this photo from her sold items. Isn't it amazing?



  1. Ooh, i love the treasury!! and the bookends!

    I found your blog on twitter, I'm your newest follower!!

  2. love the peek inside your home! that rug is awesome.

  3. These pictures are so nice, your home looks lovely!
    Adorable dog too!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. Looking good. I agree that rugs are SO much cooler than carpet. I have red, faux persian wool rug I bought years ago on ebay that is beautifully threadbare in several places. Love the warmth it immediately adds to all the different rooms and apartments it's been in...

  5. Nice picks. I have a white accordian rack just like that...hasn't sold yet, haha!

  6. homey....ha ha.
    I try to be minimal...I need a bigger house is all......
    White is nice. I'm loving white again.

  7. Oh, your little rag rug is the best! Even better that your own grandmother made it :) The furniture you got from your grandparents is beautiful too. Happy decorating!


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