Friday, December 24, 2010

have yourself a merry little

Here are a few festive photos from around the Small Earth Vintage homestead, where, of course, it isn't Christmas until you've decorated the dog in garland.

One of my favorite acquisitions this year: stackable cookie racks! Very convenient while doing my holiday baking (one of the few domestic arts I enjoy).

And today I made this delicious apple spice cake with cream cheese frosting and apples from our friend Terry's orchard.

Look at this gorgeous handpainted ornament on our tree from Sarah John Afana's schemata shop on Etsy! My photo does not do this beauty justice. Thank you, dear Sarah! xo

We scattered the branches trimmed off the bottom of the tree around the house. The rest will make nice fuel for our New Year's Eve bonfire. That wonderful white vase below is made by my talented friend Jason O'Malley, a.k.a. The Rural Modernist. I need more of his pottery! And the wacky little duck-boy came from Grand Rapid's UICA.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Let your heart be light



  1. Merry merry to you too! Just wanted to say that the giraffe dress arrived just in time for me to wear it out to a Christmas Eve dinner. Perfect! I did post a photo on my blog if you'd like to see it. Thanks again!

  2. a very warm & merry christmas to you karen!

  3. Beautiful photos. Your dog is like huh? Merry Christmas!

  4. I seriously want to squeeeeeeeeze that dog! Happy Holidays to your sweet little family, Karen!

  5. I think we made the same cookies! I definitely need to invest in some stackable racks. Everything looks wonderful, I always enjoy seeing pictures of your place. Hope it was Merry Christmas!


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