Wednesday, November 11, 2015

shop preview: pink atomic, taupe gabardine, a silk French history print, and 1950s denim

This week's shop update has a superb selection of cozy and festive things to wear in a variety of weights and textures:  prints that celebrate both the future (1950s atomic!) and the past (French history!), metallic and satin brocades, cozy wool and jersey knits, silk and gabardine, and even some 1950s denim!  All items begin arriving in the shop today.

1950s Tomorrowland atomic print dress with bow collar.

1950s light blue Swiss wool sweater, by Alpinit.

1960s Celtic Knot print knit dress, by Goldworm.

1950s indigo denim jeans.

1950s rose garden print dress.

1950s beaded cardigan.

1960s brocade cocktail dress with heavily beaded neckline.

Scottish shetland wool fair isle sweater, by Braemar.

1948 Histoire de France novelty print silk dress, by David Westheim.

1940s taupe gabardine coat.

1950s ombré satin party dress.

1960s gold and silver satin brocade jacket, by Helga.


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