Friday, October 9, 2015

shop preview: wool plaid, marbled leather, striped knitwear, and shimmering sequins

This week's shop preview includes lots of things to keep you cozy this autumn and winter.  There's some wool plaid and tweed, a striped knit coat dress, the craziest marbled leather coat, and sweaters in three varieties:  fair isle, ruffled, and shimmering with sequins!  Oh, and also, there is this great black cotton sundress and jacket set with button-on cuffs, for those of you advancing into spring/summer.

All items begin arriving in the shop today.

1950s black dress and jacket set with button-on white cuffs.

1960s shimmering sequin-covered, beaded sleeveless sweater.

1960s striped knit coat dress.

1970s blue sweater with ruffled collar and cuffs.

1960s floral print house dress, by Models Coat.

1960s crazy marbled print leather trench coat.

1950s plaid dress, by Lampl.

1960s red, orange and yellow plaid skirt, by Tudor Spun.

1950s gray wool tweed covertible funnel collar dress.

1970s blue Scottish shetland wool fair isle sweater, by Lady Clansman.


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