Thursday, July 23, 2015

shop preview: the Gold Rush, the Dutch countryside, and vintage denim

This week's shop update includes some great novelty prints--the Gold Rush, a royal palace, the Dutch countryside--plus an elegant 1940s tulle gown and jacket set, 1940s-50s denim, and much more!

The first two items are already in the shop, and the rest begin arriving today.

1950s Gold Rush novelty print shirtwaist dress by Heritage.

1950s men's red and blue print swim trunks.

1940s black tulle and satin stripe dress and cropped jacket.

1950s Royal Palace novelty print cotton blouse by Shirtmaker.

1960s bright floral print shift dress by Famous Fashions of Miami.

1940s or 1950s gym suit.

1950s pale gold floral brocade dress.

1960s Stained Glass Shards print cotton blouse.

1960s tiki print sundress by Charm of Hollywood.

1940s-1950s women's Montgomery Ward 101 denim jeans.


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