Wednesday, October 8, 2014

shop preview: plaid and wool gingham, a winter sailor dress, and a botanical print

Earthy cottons, wool gingham and plaid, a creamy neutral cardigan, and a colorful novelty knit vest, a sailor dress for cool weather, and even a bright and sunny botanical print, are all coming to the shop this week!

1950s earthy checked dress with belt.

1970s radish love sweater vest.

1950s eyelet embroidered cream dress, by Sir James Sportaculars.

1960s paisley print ruffles blouse, by Aldens.

1960s mod floral print dress, by Puritan Forever Young.

1970s floral batik print maxi dress.

1980s plum jam plaid wool skirt, by Diane Von Furstenberg.

1950s marine blue dress with button collar and ribbon belt, by R&K Originals.

1950s cream open net cardigan, from Neiman-Marcus.

1980s garnet corduroy sailor girl dress, by Polly Flinders.

1950s wool gingham dress with bow at neck, by Nat Turoff.

1960s pleated wool plaid skirt, by Century of Boston.

1960s yellow floral botanical print cotton oxford cloth dress.


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