Thursday, May 1, 2014

etsy shop preview: cashmere, chiffon, and novelty prints

A Vienna ball-worthy dress, sky blue cashmere, a dress with sailboat pockets, and a sea life print skirt:  all this and more coming to the shop, starting today!

1950s pale blue chiffon and lace CONFECTIONERS BALL dress.

1960s floral embroidery Ship 'n Shore blouse.

Deadstock 1960s olive green sailboat pocket dress.

1950s seashell and starfish print full skirt, Short-Stuff by Wolfson.

1960s yellow floral print dress with lucite belt buckle, by Betty Hartford.

1950s pink golf novelty print cotton blouse, New Era Styled by Peter Pan.

1950s polished cotton crazy herringbone print dress with convertible snap-off collar.

1970s pink and green floral print wrap skirt.

1950s paisley print cotton dress with big green buttons, by Wendy Lee.

1950s sky blue cashmere cardigan.


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  1. the polished cotton and the paisley faves. lovely!


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