Friday, December 6, 2013

shop preview: Icelandic wool, a beaded cardi, and flocked pink chiffon

Whether you spend the holidays flitting from party to party in pretty dresses, or all cozy by the fireside in warm sweaters, this week's shop preview has something for you!  All items coming to the shop shortly (the first pink pretty is already there).

1940s ruched navy blue crepe cocktail dress.

Fantastic hooded and belted Icelandic wool coat, by Model Magasin.

Vintage Pendleton black watch plaid wool skirt suit.

Soft cream chevron knit German cardigan.

Edwardian or early 1920s black crepe dress with gorgeous cutwork and mesh insets at the bodice and sleeves.

Cranberry Panna Cotta fair isle sweater.

1940s gunmetal blue satin and lace party dress.

1950s wool and angora blend beaded cardigan.


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