Monday, October 28, 2013

menswear shop preview

It's been awhile since there has been a menswear update to the shop, but we've been saving up some extra special items just for the fellas.  And I could use your assistance with a couple of these, so do read on and chime in if you can help!  All items coming to the shop shortly.

Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece three-piece pinstripe suit.

1960s emerald brocade smoking jacket/tuxedo jacket by First Nighter Formals.  Clearly, I couldn't pick a favorite photo; my handsome model had so many great expressions for this one.  Which should I go with for the listing?  Or all three?

1940s Asian motif satin brocade smoking jacket.

1970s Campus antelope and...mystery animal henley.  Any guess as to what that other creature is?  It looks like a dinosaur with a propeller attached to it.  A camel?  I'm stumped!

1960s Jantzen green and blue Orlon argyle sweater.

1950s men's maroon and gray chainlink pattern mohair cardigan.



  1. Gosh, I love those sweaters! As for the green tuxedo jacket, they are all cute, but that last photo is killer.

  2. Looking dapper Andy! I particularly like the first (slightly cheeky) photo in the series of three.

    As for the animal… I'm not sure! Maybe it's a lion hunting the antelope? And a palm tree?


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