Wednesday, January 6, 2016

shop preview: men's Harris tweed, Pendleton and Woolrich jackets

A small but high quality menswear update to the shop:  Harris tweed jackets, a 1950s Woolrich coat, and a cool western-styled Pendleton blazer!  All begin arriving in the shop tomorrow.

1950s Harris Tweed jacket.

1950s Woolrich red wool Mackinaw cruiser coat.

1970s Harris Tweed jacket.

1970s Pendleton western style tweed jacket with suede yoke and elbow patches.


Friday, January 1, 2016

shop preview: wool knits and plaid, 1940s taffeta and velvet, and abstract prints

Happy new year!  And that means new items coming to the shop--lots of cozy wool knits, a maxi skirt with a great print, 1940s taffeta and velvet, and more.  Items begin arriving in the shop today.

1960s cream wool knit dress, from Bleyle of Stuttgart.

Vintage Norwegian hand knit fair isle wool cardigan.

1970s dark floral print top and skirt set.

1960s abstract mountain print maxi skirt, by Cirette.

1940s chocolate brown taffeta and velvet skirt and top set.

1970s hand knit triangles sweater.

1960s sapphire blue wool knit tiered dress, by Lora Lenox.

1960s orange, mustard and brown plaid wool skirt, by Garland.


Thursday, December 17, 2015

shop preview: 1950s Pendleton, a fireside sweater, copper beadwork, and a 1930s dream

I'm having a most hellacious time getting shop photos taken right now with the lack of natural light, which is why my shop previews keep getting more and more delayed every week.  Nonetheless, I did manage to get some great things shot, including a 1950s Pendleton dress, an incredible 1930s printed crepe dress and jacket, a 1940s copper beaded lace dress, and more.

The first and third dresses are already in the shop, the second item sold immediately (well, look at it!), and the rest will be arriving in the shop shortly!

1950s olive and blue plaid Pendleton dress (in the shop).

1950s blue rose bouquet print full skirt (sold!).

1940s copper beaded lace dress (in the shop).

Vintage hand knit Yule log sweater.

1940s pine cone pattern satin gown.

1950s Pendleton Turnabout reversible plaid skirt.

1960s black crepe dress with removable, tasseled collar, by Jean of California.

1960s red plaid A line skirt.

1930s abstract floral crepe dress and jacket set.

1950s red wool flannel "circle" skirt, by Bobbie Brooks.

1960s olive green velvet dress with bows on the back.

1960s plaid culottes, from Bobbie Brooks.


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

shop preview: crimson satin, a labyrinth print, and studded denim and wool

Coming to the shop:  sepia lace, crimson satin, a labyrinth print dress, and studded denim and wool!  The first dress is already in the shop; the rest will be arriving soon.

1940s Labyrinth print rayon dress (in the shop!).

1940s blue and red wool swing jacket with printed and studded cuffs.

1940s red satin dressing gown, from J.L. Hudson's Negligee Shop.

1970s studded denim bell bottoms.

1940s cream wool knit set, by Kimberly.

1940s red waffle knit wool cardigan with red and yellow trim, by Swissies/Rosanna Knitted Sportswear.

1960s gold and ice blue floral brocade dress, by Leslie Fay.

1940s pale peach quilted bed jacket.

1980s smoke blue lace dress, by Morton Myles for the Warrens.

1960s burgundy macro plaid skirt.

1960s pink and purple abstract print dress, by Korell.

1950s sepia lace jacket with beaded collar.


Thursday, December 3, 2015

shop preview: copper satin, gold brocade, rhinestone embellished velvet

Rhinestone embellished velvet, copper satin, golden brocade, beaded lamb's wool:  this shop preview has everything you need to sparkle and shine at any holiday gathering!  All items begin arriving in the shop today.

1940s copper satin dress and peplum jacket.

1940s metallic gold silk brocade gown, from Irving Detroit.

1950s black velvet and rhinestones top.

1960s coppery brown striped shantung dress.

1950s plaid pleated skirt, from Carol Brent.

1950s black and gold metallic brocade dress and jacket set.

1960s beaded cardigan.

1950s tulle party dress with tree and flower appliques.

1950s wine velvet fitted blouse.


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

shop accessories preview: gold shoes, animal belts, Pendleton scarves, and a devilish hat

Vintage shoes, bags, hats, Pendleton scarves, and fun belts are all coming to the shop (the first pair of shoes is already there) this week . . . some of these could make great holiday gifts!

1960s Dryad Leaf sandals (now in the shop!).

1950s gold bow heels.

1960s black pilgrim pumps.

1940s white pumps.

1970s magazine clutch.

1950s black deerskin clutch/wallet.

1970s magazine clutch.

1960s white box purse with jeweled clasp.

Devilish 1940s studded red felt sculptural hat, by Glenover.

1950s tartan beret.

Mod 1960s black and white hat.

1970s fish buckle and belt.

1980s blingy leopard in chains belt, by Carolyn Tanner.

1960s Kilgore tartan Pendleton scarf.

1960s Fraser Hunting tartan Pendleton scarf.



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